Public Sector

This chapter covers firms that have developed particular expertise in advising the public sector and companies active for the public sector. These are, in the field of state support for companies, ?state aid law, and in the central field of public tenders, ?public procurement.

In addition to this, the chapter covers the wide-ranging field of ?environmental and planning law. Because of the overlaps between the segment and other fields, readers are advised to consult the ?regulated industries chapter with its subchapters ?energy law and ?pharmaceuticals and healthcare.

Interfaces also arise with the chapters ?real estate and ?construction as well as with advice on the interface with product safety and export regulations (customs and trade, ?distribution, trade and logistics). Information on bank bailouts can be found in the chapters ?banking and finance, ?restructuring and insolvency, ?corporate as well as the subchapter of this section ?state aid law.

State Aid Law

Environmental and Planning Law

Public Procurement