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Maikowski & Ninnemann

Maikowski & Ninnemann

Maikowski & Ninnemann is a patent attorney firm with offices in Berlin and Munich. Maikowski & Ninnemann offers to their clients a strong experience and expertise in the field of intellectual property protection, for protecting technical inventions, trademarks and designs as well as for enforcing and utilizing intellectual property rights.

Founded in 1977 by Dr. Michael Maikowski and joined by Mr. Detlef Ninnemann in 1989 the firm's size has steadily increased. Currently, 11 patent attorneys and European patent attorneys work at Maikowski & Ninnemann covering different fields of technology ranging from physics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and information technology to chemistry, biochemistry and biotechnology.

Clients of Maikowski & Ninnemann are regional mid-size firms as well as large global companies and small start-ups. Taking personal care of the client’s interests lies in the center of Maikowski & Ninnemann's strategic thinking and working. Whether your company is large or small, you will find a personal counsel at Maikowski & Ninnemann. It is a strong believe within Maikowski & Ninnemann that a trusting relationship between client and attorney is fundamental to achieve the best solutions for enforcing and utilizing the client's intellectual property rights.

practice area
  • Intellectual property
  • Patent law: filing
  • Patent law: litigation, advice
  • Trademarks and design
  • Maikowski & Ninnemann is a patent attorney firm with bureaus in
    Berlin and Munich having a strong expertise in all areas of intellectual
    property protection. We counsel you to all your questions and concerns
    relating to industrial property rights, to inventions, trademarks and
    designs as well as to the enforcement and utilization of your rights.


  • Our most important services are:
    • counselling with regard to inventions, trademarks, designs, know-how, software and licenses
    • counselling with respect to the law to employee's inventions
    • application, enforcement and defence of patents, utility models,
      design patents and trademarks nationally in Germany and internationally
      in all countries and regions throughout the world
    • representation before the German Patent and Trademark Office, the
      European Patent Office, the German Federal Patent Court, the Office for
      the Harmonization of the Internal Market in Alicante and other
      international offices regarding to the intellectual property protection
      as well as before the courts of law
    • handling litigation matters, including patent and trademark
      infringement suits before the civil courts and invalidation suits before
      the German Federal Patent Court and the German Supreme Court
    • monitoring and administration of property right portfolios
    • patent, trademark and design searches and patent translations.
  • The patent attorneys at Maikowski & Ninnemann are experienced in
    all areas of technology, and have broad knowledge and experience in the
    fields of:
    • physics, for example optics and light technology (such as
      optoelectronics, cameras, telescopes and lasers), medical systems
      technology, medical imaging and measurement technology;
    • electrical engineering, for example electronics, telecommunications,
      semiconductor technology, measurement and control technology, and
      medical technology;
    • mechanical engineering, for example mechanics and mechatronics, plant engineering and ship building;
    • chemistry, biochemistry and biotechnology; and
    • software.