Comment: This firm, which counts among the leading in insurance, continues to boast excellent contacts to primary and reinsurers, esp. in the areas of D&O and E&O. In Munich, there is intensive cooperation with the market-leading product liability practice. The core team in Düsseldorf around Sieg and Heitzer nevertheless recently faced a setback when a team around renowned salary partners Dr. Henning Schaloske and Dr. Tanja Schramm set off on its own to open a German office for the competing firm Clyde. This may also hurt the practice insofar as a close cooperation had previously existed with the internationally leading insurance firm, for whom Noerr was the first point of contact in Germany. That Noerr has in the end been able to survive departures of this caliber and in this magnitude underscores its strong positioning in insurance law. But the spinoff also means that Noerr has not managed to hold on to some of the best-known representatives of the younger generation. But if used productively, it could also mean that Noerr can focus more clearly on insurance work for industrial clients, because there are now fewer potential conflicts. This development had already been indicated by the fact that the practice has become more active for companies and executive bodies at the interface with ?corporate litigation.
Strengths: Internationally experienced, uniform team for D&O claims. Product liability.
Recommended: Dr. Oliver Sieg (“extremely good in the business”, competitor), Dr. Thomas Heitzer, Helmut Katschthaler.
Practice: Focus on the high-end segment and major damage claims. Focus at the interface of insurance and corporate/banking, often D&O claims. Also E&O cases. Esp. in Munich, complex proceedings related to product liability ( ?commercial litigation and liability), reinsurance and arbitration proceedings. ?Corporate advice to insurers is in development. (3 equity partners, 1 salary partner, 9 associates)
Clients: ?? Former GfK CFO on defense against liability claim; D&O insurer concerning claim against two executives of state bank sub-subsidiary in Switzerland; E&O insurance in coverage and liability concerning prospectus liability; D&O insurer in coverage and liability on dispute between Russian investor and DAX company; D&O insurer on class action lawsuit in Canada against mining company and company directors.