JuveAwards2016 Logo Germany Insurance_120x124Comment: This leading firm in insurance law has increasingly developed into a strong practice for large managerial liability cases, as confirmed by its impressive track record. One of its cases recently became public knowledge when it was leaked that Gädtke was active for Deutsche Bank in the settlement negotiations with a former executive board member over the Kirch interview. Over the years DLA has built up stable contacts with insurers, incl. Chubb, which are now paying dividends. With two such highly renowned specialists as Gädtke (Munich) and Schneider (Cologne), DLA clearly ranks as a leader among specialists for D&O claims and corresponding coverage issues. Due to its profound knowledge of the industry, incl. the regulatory experience of practice head Bähr, the insurance lawyers are also regularly sought out for the development and structuring of products, whether for cyberpolicies, W&I or health insurance policies.
Strengths: Coverage advice to companies in D&O claims.
Recommended: Dr. Thomas Gädtke (“has made a good name for himself in D&O questions”, competitor), Dr. Gunne Bähr (“very competent, congenial and analytical”, competitor), Dr. Christian Schneider.
Practice: In D&O, focus on coverage disputes, but also liability proceedings, interface with ?commercial litigation and liability. Also professional liability, fidelity, defense and recovery and personal insurance as well as recourse cases for insurers. Product development for primary insurers and reinsurers, often with regulatory components; with its expanded personnel, ?corporate advice to insurers is gaining in importance. Arbitration practice for disputes between primary insurers and reinsurers. (3 partners, 1 of counsel, 10 associates)
Clients: ?? BayernLB on coverage issues concerning D&O liability claims against former executive board members; ongoing advice to Chubb in D&O damages claims; Deutsche Bank concerning recourse case and settlement with former executive board member Breuer (both public knowledge); Gothaer on various damages claims; Volz underwriting agent on product development in health insurance.