Comment: Recommended and well-connected in the insurance field, this firm has developed a particular specialization in the D&O segment. The experienced team split off from the Cologne office of Friedrich Graf von Westphalen at the beginning of 2016 and continues to represent several prominent insurers in tricky proceedings, incl. managers and executive bodies. The team was involved in the dispute surrounding Deutsche Bank/Breuer as well as the Praktiker insolvency.
Strengths: Experience with D&O claims.
Recommended: Björn Fiedler (“pragmatic, good feel for the law, very pleasant to work with”, “assertive, but friendly”, competitors).
Practice: Focus on advice and litigation for D&O claims. Primarily on the side of the insurer. Monitoring of damages in prominent liability complexes. (3 partners, 2 associates)
Clients: ?? Regular advice to AIG (public knowledge); insurer on receivables of KGL Pool against Deutsche Bank and Breuer; insurer on damages claims against company directors of the former Praktiker group concerning cash pooling and delayed filing of insolvency; insurer in defense against recourse against executive board over antitrust fines.