• Brock Müller Ziegenbein

    • Standort: Flensburg, Kaltenkirchen, Kiel, Lübeck
    • Tätigkeitsschwerpunkt: Focus on M&A and corporate (incl. well-known corporate notary office; 15 notaries), advice to the media (incl. broadcasting law) and Danish companies; IP, energy and public procurement
    • Häufig empfohlen: Dr. Mathias Nebendahl (employment law and public procurement), Dr. Peter Gramsch (energy), Dr. Matthias Krisch (IP), Dr. Bernd Richter, Dr. Hauke Thilow (corporate, M&A), Dr. Christian Becker (administrative law)


    • Standort: Kiel
    • Tätigkeitsschwerpunkt: Broad-based notary office (8 notaries); focus nationally on advice to hospitals, doctors and professional associations; renowned employment, inheritance, corporate and M&A practices
    • Häufig empfohlen: Dr. Hans-Jürgen Kickler (notary), Andreas Kühnelt, Kharim-Oliver Elmasry (inheritance law), Dr. Paul Harneit (medical law), Axel Riefling (employment law), Dr. Dirk Unrau (stock corporation law)

    Cornelius + Krage

    • Standort: Kiel
    • Tätigkeitsschwerpunkt: Strong focus on M&A and corporate (incl. notary office, 5 notaries); well known for insolvency, renewable energies and advice to Scandinavian companies
    • Häufig empfohlen: Dr. Claus Cornelius, Dr. Carsten Krage (both corporate, M&A), Salim Khan Durani (insolvency administration), Andreas Kolberg, Erika Röschmann (both employment law)

    Ebner Stolz Mönning Bachem

    • Standort: Kiel
    • Tätigkeitsschwerpunkt: Corporate
    • Häufig empfohlen:

    Ehler Ermer & Partner

    • Standort: Flensburg, Kiel, Lübeck
    • Tätigkeitsschwerpunkt: Multidisciplinary work, corporate and M&A for Mittelstand clients, insolvency
    • Häufig empfohlen:


    • Standort: Kiel, Itzehoe
    • Tätigkeitsschwerpunkt: Renowned corporate practice, incl. notary office (9 notaries); strong focus on agricultural law; renewable energies
    • Häufig empfohlen: Dr. Detlev Behrens (corporate), Dr. Knut Weigle (employment), Dr. Frank Martens (corporate)


    Dres. Ruge Purrucker Makowski

    • Standort: Kiel
    • Tätigkeitsschwerpunkt: Renowned focus on construction and inheritance law (incl. succession plans); litigation incl. arbitration proceedings; notary office (4 notaries)
    • Häufig empfohlen: Dr. Stefan Purrucker (construction), Dr. Volker Arndt (corporate), Emil Schmalfuß (arbitration)


    Weissleder Ewer

The selection of law firms in the above table reflects the research of the editorial staff at JUVE and is based on interviews with clients, lawyers and academics. It remains a subjective view and implies no disparagement of any firm not mentioned here but which is nevertheless active in this field. The firms are alphabetically listed.