Public Sector

The turnaround in energy policy remains one of the dominant issues: the major energy corporates are still fighting a constitutional battle against the federal and regional governments regarding the turnaround decision. The construction of new plants and grid expansion harbor a great deal of conflict potential, resulting in environmental and planning law suits. One example is the Suedlink line and the debate surrounding underground cables, which made new planning necessary. Given the billion-euro investments in the Transport Infrastructure Plan that have been decided, there were growing calls to find new ways of public participation.

Critics fear that the long-drawn-out procedure for the current system will make it increasingly difficult to execute infrastructure projects. The European Court of Justice gave the environmental associations another boost at the end of 2015. European law is playing a growing role in the assessment of government action in the form of state aid law – from public tenders to land transactions, right through to research and infrastructure subsidies.

State Aid Law

Environmental and Planning Law

Public Procurement