Companies arming themselves technologically

German legal departments are also gradually starting to warm to technical innovations. As is the case at law firms, the focus is generally not on those instructions on which the company’s survival hinges but on the bread-and-butter work that eats up the capacities of the legal teams, most of which do not have the luxury of an endless stream of staff. It was this steady hum of legal work that led, for example, gas corporate Linde to standardize its global procurement contracts.

The advantage is that the company lawyers now have to deal with this aspect less often;

Top Ten Litigation Cases 2017

Top Ten Litigation Cases 2017

this saves time and resources. At the same time, such a one-off investment – both financial and in personnel – means there is less need to bring in external advisors in various countries. After all, no one knows the contract architecture as well as the legal department itself, and the intranet ensures that this is distributed throughout the company. Not only is this project a central cost-controlling element, efficient quality management and risk management in contractual relationships are key components of corporate compliance.

Deutsche Lufthansa has also seen a technological overhaul, geared toward optimizing cooperation with external legal advisors for the purpose of cost control and keeping track. More than ten years ago, the company was one of the pioneers in terms of outsourcing and legal management with its use of bill checkers from Legal Bill. Today, it has developed far beyond this: the list of advisors is shorter and a fine-tuned lawyer database gives the company a global overview of all advisors. A Legal Spend Manager also pulls the strings. Surprisingly, the system is frequently praised by external advisors. This is because, with its legal spend management, Lufthansa is accomplishing the balancing act of keeping law firms’ fee requirements under control on the one hand and not suppressing them on the other.

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