IT skeptics failing to see opportunities

Although all companies and law firms now know that IT solutions such as these can help to reduce costs, as well as being an excellent way to establish an efficient quality management and risk management system, enthusiasm for the new opportunities offered by legal tech is not sweeping the entire market. Quite the opposite: many are still watching, or only reluctantly dipping a toe into the solutions. Mittelstand companies and midsized law firms above all are still convinced that the cost is disproportionate to the potential benefit, be it financial or otherwise.

Indeed, IT tools do mean a significant financial and personnel investment initially. But it is companies that are pushing digital change in their role as clients, because many of them demand creative solutions from their advisors.

Therefore, those who recognize the immense potential early on, rather than seeing IT solutions as a “digital aid”, can secure new business as trailblazers. A tool for monitoring risk when external staff are deployed, which was developed by [CMS Hasche Sigle[[href][34]]] and is used by Deutsche Telekom and now other clients as well, is an example of how experiments can lead to sustainable solutions. But the main reason why many firms are still skeptical about legal tech is that they are afraid for their current structures and the calculation of their fees. Those in charge are plagued by question after question: How can we bill for work done by software? How are associates supposed to learn the legal trade from scratch when Watson, Leverton and Co. have done all the hard work? But this thinking originates too much from the old world.

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