Comment: This highly recommended practice for IT benefits from the fact that it specialized in the technology industry as early as Osborne Clarke did and that the IT practice has always played a central role in the overall firm. TW has an advantage here in its advice on implementing the GDPR and on digitalization projects, with good examples being Metro and Ebay. Partners such as von dem Bussche and Gierschmann, who have a marked presence in the market, boast many years of experience in data protection, which provides for business. In addition, TW scores points with its international network, as its connections – esp. to Silicon Valley – are particularly close thanks to a partner there, Westerwelle. This is evidenced by clients like Bertelsmann, which TW advises from multiple offices at once. In fintech, TW is likewise winning new clients, incl. a state bank. However, it cannot yet keep up with competitors such as White & Case or Clifford Chance, which leave a markedly larger footprint in this industry.
Strengths: Cooperative team with clear specialties in particular industries.
Recommended: Dr. Christian Frank (“a great deal of experience and superb expertise”, competitor), Axel Frhr. von dem Bussche, Jörg Wimmers (“very, very good litigator”, competitor), Detlef Klett, Dr. Kai Westerwelle, Dr. Sibylle Gierschmann (“very experienced”, client), Dr. Gregor Schmid.
Practice: A broad practice with a focus on IT projects and licenses, outsourcing and transactions, also cloud computing, Internet and e-commerce, incl. at the interface with ?media. IT procurement (public sector), data protection and litigation. Clients: primarily providers (incl. international), also users, many in the health sector. (11 equity partners, 6 salary partners, 12 associates, 1 of counsel)
Clients: ?? Metro, incl. on data protection and various digitalization projects; Bertelsmann and subsidiaries on IT licenses and data protection; Number26 on outsourcing; Eintracht Frankfurt on IT contracts and data protection during introduction of a CRM solution.
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