Comment: This firm is considered to be among the leading firms in Niedersachsen and enjoys a good local reputation, thanks to a combination of numerous specialists, strong roots at renowned companies (e.g. VW) and a consistently midsized structure. “A good and very collegial firm,” said one competitor, while a client praised its “reliability and fair prices”. Laterals are not normally taken into account in the overall picture, but by poaching the well-known employment lawyer Dr. Gunnar Straube from competitor Luther, Göhmann showed that it also knows how to take advantage of opportunities. To bolster the M&A practice the firm brought in a young partner from Clifford Chance’s Frankfurt office. Its ongoing work for VW in Hanover as well as in Braunschweig recently tied up many capacities, not only with its work in the damages claims proceedings, but also through its notarizing the AGM, reinforcing the strong reputations of its lawyers.
Strengths: Corporate, notary office, litigation.
Development potential: The process of strengthening interdisciplinary and interoffice work continues. An overnight change was never to be expected, but the Niedersachsen offices, as well as the respected core practice in corporate, are moving in the right direction.
Recommended: Axel Müller-Eising (“excellent in notary work”, competitor), Dr. Ulrich Haupt, Dr. Johannes Waitz, Dr. Sebastian Scherrer, Dr. Dirk Beddies, Dr. Florian Hartl (all in corporate), Dr. Ulrich von Jeinsen (litigation), Dr. Jörg-Rainer Hens, Dr. Maximilian Schunke (IP/IT), Dr. Henning Rauls (insurance), Prof. Dr. Martin Notthoff (insurance and notary work), Martin Gehrlein (public procurement).
Practice: Comprehensive advice in ?corporate and tax, stock corporation advice, strong notary office. Recognized practices in ?commercial litigation and liability, ?trademarks and unfair competition as well as insurance. In addition, construction, architects’ and engineering law, IT, employment, public law and public procurement, ?M&A, antitrust and securities and funds litigation. (26 partners, incl. 12 notaries, 1 counsel, 17 associates, 1 of counsel)
Clients: ?? VW in defense against damages claims from investors over the failed takeover of VW by Porsche, likewise in a dispute with investors over price losses in connection with the emissions scandal; Florian Rehm (Mast/Jägermeister) on investment in fritz-kola; comprehensive advice to BCD Travel Deutschland; comprehensive advice to Üstra Hannoversche Verkehrsbetriebe on tender.
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