Comment: This firm counts among the market leaders in litigation and arbitration. A number of litigation specialists are involved in high-volume damages cases, esp. at the interface to the strong ?antitrust practice. Gleiss defended against claims on the part of cartel participants in practically all of the major litigation suits, i.e. in the truck, sugar and roller bearing cartels. The firm is also a top address for banking and finance disputes, where Rützel and Leufgen are particularly visible. Both lawyers represent, for instance, the Heta liquidating company against BayernLB. Litigation experts also work closely together with the ?compliance practice, e.g. in dividend stripping (“cum-ex”) disputes or in the labor-intensive VW complex. While there are clear focal points on arbitration proceedings in ?Stuttgart and on banking litigation in ?Frankfurt, many competitors are of the opinion that the ?Munich office no longer has a clear specialty following the departure of Dr. Wolf von Bernuth. At partner level, the litigation practice is no longer represented at this site, however Gleiss does have a counsel there in the form of Röckrath, who is highly praised in the market. The area of product liability was strengthened internally with a Berlin-based team; Wagner in part was able to advance this area in Stuttgart recently with cross-border product recalls.
Strengths: Capital markets and corporate disputes. In-house investigations. Defense against antitrust damages claims.
Recommended: Dr. Stefan Rützel (“a bulldog in the most positive sense of the word”, “hardworking, strict yet still friendly”, competitors), Dr. Stephan Wilske (“intelligent arbitrator and mediator”, competitor), Prof. Dr. Gerhard Wegen, Dr. Luidger Röckrath (“remarkable legal skills, pleasant persona”, competitor), Dr. Andrea Leufgen (“outstanding collaboration, the results are on point”, client), Dr. David Quinke (“shooting star in arbitration law”, “brilliant, absolute genius”, competitors), Dr. Eric Wagner (“strong analytical skills”, competitor).
Practice: ?Corporate, commercial and capital markets, as well as distribution disputes. Cooperation with ?antitrust lawyers, also in damages claims. Product liability, freelancers’ and D&O liability. Frequent international arbitration focusing on post-M&A, ?energy law and investment protection. Various befriended firms for in-house investigations. (8 equity partners, 9 salary partners, 3 counsel, 9 associates)
Clients: ?? Daimler, HeidelbergCement, SKF in defense against cartel damages; Heta Asset Resolution in defense against demands for repayment made by bondholders; VW and Audi supervisory boards on settlements with US authorities and class members concerning diesel scandal; Telekom in various lawsuits, e.g. against Vodafone/Unitymedia concerning cable duct leasing (Federal Court of Justice); E.on in complaint against Bavaria and Lower Saxony regarding closure of atomic power plant (Federal Constitutional Court).
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