Comment: This recommended practice for litigation and arbitration has one of the broadest setups in the market in terms of both specialist fields and staff. Alongside the firm’s core work in commercial and post-M&A disputes, carried out on behalf of its predominantly Mittelstand clients, a number of specialties have emerged which also receive praise from competitors, e.g. energy and capital market disputes in ?Hamburg. However, when it comes to interlinking its specialties and offices, similarly structured competitors such as CMS are further ahead. In ?Düsseldorf, Gantenberg is the most prominently positioned lawyer alongside senior partner Kühn; the former’s growing reputation is reflected by an increase in high-quality arbitrator instructions. Furthermore, a team under her lead represented a plant constructor against an offshore wind farm operator in high-volume adjudication proceedings. Similar to Baker and CMS, Heuking is seen as esp. well versed in this kind of dispute resolution, which is increasingly drawn upon in construction projects. Class action suits for banks, insurers and issuing houses are playing an ever more significant role in the practice, esp. thanks to Wambach and Froesch. Furthermore, it is common knowledge that Heuking is active in the defense against consumer claims in connection with the VW diesel scandal.
Strengths: Internationally experienced arbitration practice specializing in post- ?M&A. The various offices focus on differing sectors.
Recommended: Dr. Wolfgang Kühn (“strong presence”, competitor), Ulrike Gantenberg (“runs a tight ship when driving proceedings forward in role of arbitrator”, competitor), Dr. Walter Eberl (“meticulous arbitrator”, “strong-willed with compelling arguments”, competitors), Dr. Elke Umbeck (“busy and legally creative”, competitor), Dr. Thomas Wambach, Daniel Froesch (“well-versed arbitrator in corporate law, clear arguments”, competitor).
Practice: Broad setup in litigation. Commercial agents’ law issues, ?insurance contracts and transport. Also ?corporate litigation, increasingly D&O. ?Construction, architects’ law, real estate and ?distribution. Litigator and arbitrator in arbitration proceedings, esp. post-M&A, plant construction, investment protection and in the ?energy sector. Also ADR. (Core team: 13 equity partners, 6 salary partners, 26 associates)
Clients: ?? Syntellix/Utz Claassen in dispute with Carsten Maschmeyer; Lloyd on defense against claims concerning prospectus deficiencies; Schwäbisch Hall on defense against claims concerning termination of building loan contracts; Albrecht heirs on claims for damages against Achenbach art dealer; Angela Göthert in inheritance dispute (Dussmann).
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