Comment: This highly recommended litigation and arbitration practice counts among the largest outfits in the market. The partner level saw yet more growth: alongside three salary partners, Dr. Sophia Habbe was appointed equity partner in Frankfurt. The practice counts among the market leaders in terms of product liability and product safety. A younger salary partner is making a name for himself here alongside renowned specialists Molitoris and Klindt esp. in the practice’s known strengths: risk assessments and rights of recourse in the supply chain. Meier’s arbitration practice has developed into a further powerhouse which is increasingly shaping the perception of Noerr in the market. A number of competitors are viewing the move of several insurance experts to competitor Clyde as a serious loss for Noerr, however this loss means that the firm is now free from conflicts, enabling it to act freely on behalf of its many industrial clients. Compared with similarly structured competitors such as DLA, the firm has thus, in fact, strengthened its position here. Noerr also continues to maintain good connections to the insurance sector, as seen for instance in the work done by Sieg for an insurer in one of the many “fake president” cases being dealt with at present.
Strengths: Solid interdisciplinary work with ?compliance specialists. Liability aspects from the fields of product liability, insurance (D&O liability), banking and capital markets litigation.
Recommended: Michael Molitoris (“impressive litigator”, client; “versatile, highly experienced”, competitor), Prof. Dr. Thomas Klindt (“offers practical solutions which can be scientifically supported as necessary”, client), Dr. Oliver Sieg (“experienced, high quality”, client), Dr. Anke Meier (“top arbitrator, leading in international cases, esp. with US elements”, “strong-willed but not stubborn”, “takes a stand and asserts herself”, competitors), Christian Kirchner, Helmut Katschthaler.
Practice: Activity centers on ?banking litigation, proceedings related to D&O liability insurance and managerial/professional liability. Advice on the interface with product liability and product recalls, incl. international coordination and assertion of rights of recourse. Also ?corporate litigation, ?insolvency disputes. ?Compliance and ?white collar crime advice to companies, international proceedings, ADR/mediation and arbitration in Germany and abroad. Often post-M&A. (12 equity partners, 22 salary partners, 6 counsel, 54 associates, 1 of counsel)
Clients: ?? All-round advice to Clemens Tönnies in shareholder dispute; ongoing litigation advice to Deutsche Bank, incl. in proceedings under the Capital Market Test Case Act concerning “The Gherkin” real estate fund; Leipzig municipal waterworks in appeal against London judgement in litigation concerning fraud, bribery and in appeal proceedings on payment claims from derivatives (Court of Appeal, London); Audi and Skoda against customer complaints with regard to diesel scandal (with Freshfields; public knowledge); MAN divisions, incl. on recalls and product liability disputes.
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