Comment: The litigation practice of this ?Niedersachsen firm concentrates on banking and capital markets disputes. While banks in class action suits are primarily represented at the Frankfurt office, e.g. in relation to closed-end funds and rescission of loans, a team around Dr. Dirk Beddies and Dr. Stephan Boese at the Braunschweig office is hard at work on behalf of VW. In this regard, the firm is active in defending the corporation against investor claims as part of the diesel scandal. Although SZA is coordinating the defense strategy, Göhmann boasts long-standing ties to the corporation and is also familiar with the local courts. Litigious instructions regularly also emerge from the corporate advice given to the firm’s regular Mittelstand clients. (6 partners)
Clients: ?? VW on defense against various investor claims concerning emissions scandal (with SZA); all-round advice to Commerzbank in lawsuits, incl. on securities, funds, general terms and conditions and cancellation policies (public knowledge); Puma in unfair competition proceedings in Germany; surviving dependents in claim for damages concerning Germanwings and Malaysian Airlines plane crashes.
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