Comment: BB comes recommended in trademarks and unfair competition and is growing its team, welcoming three associates and appointing two salary partners. Regular clients, for whom BB works ever more extensively, ensure a high utilization rate. The IP lawyers are seeing more unfair competition activity. A Munich partner advised the German Soccer Association, a long-time trademarks client, on unfair competition. New clients like 11er Nahrungsmittel, for whom BB litigated against the Center for Protection against Unfair Competition, are further proof of the rise in unfair competition. Berlin drew attention by landing new clients for strategic trademark advice. Work for Bandai shows how interoffice cooperation in the gaming sector is improving.
Recommended: Angelica von der Decken, Dr. Joachim Wessel, Dr. Axel von Walter (“good and quick jurist”, client).
Practice: Strategic advice and litigation in trademarks and unfair competition. Munich: concentrated all-round portfolio management. Berlin: advice on the interface with copyrights. (6 equity partners, 10 salary partners, 9 associates, 1 of counsel)
Clients: ?? Trademark infringement litigation for CD Color; all-round activity for in trademark dispute; ongoing activity for German Soccer Association (DFB) and litigation regarding “DFB Eagle”, also unfair competition; advice on labeling law to and trademark administration for Käfer; 11er Nahrungsmittel on unfair competition; Bandai Namco Entertainment regarding “Pac Man”; leading retail chain on all trademark matters.
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