Comment: Competitors often note the strong visibility in litigation of this firm recommended in trademarks and unfair competition compared to other mixed outfits. One example was litigation for BVK in the precedent case against Check24. In addition to excellent connections to international clients (esp. US), B&B is just as well rooted among German Mittelstand companies. New clients like Mannesmann Engineering & Construction and Medi bear witness to this. B&B can thus feed activity into its international network. Contacts from the renowned ?patents practice arose in some cases, e.g. for an Asian electronics manufacturer. Overall, B&B stepped up interoffice cooperation, similar to that practiced by Munich and Berlin in work for Asos.
Strengths: Extensive formal trademarks practice, international orientation (US and Asia), copyrights ( ?media and IT, product piracy).
Recommended: Dr. Volker Schmitz-Fohrmann, Prof. Dr. Jan Nordemann, Wilhelm Stahlberg, Dr. Martin Wirtz, Dr. Christian Czychowski, Prof. Dr. Axel Nordemann (“very hands-on and collegial, good solutions”, competitor), Dr. Rudolf Böckenholt.
Practice: All-round advice on trademarks, design law and unfair competition by lawyers, with occasional involvement of patent attorneys. 50 percent are international clients. In Bremen, a traditionally strong registration practice; in Berlin and particularly Munich, a pronounced litigation practice, frequently related to copyrights and antitrust, esp. in prosecuting product piracy. Own offices in Alicante and Paris as well as a liaison office in Shanghai. (Lawyers: 11 equity partners, 3 salary partners, 18 associates, 1 of counsel)
Clients: ?? Mannesmann Engineering & Constructing in dispute over “Mannesmann” name; all-round trademark activity for Medi incl. portfolio administration; unfair competition litigation for BVK against Check24; design and unfair competition litigation for Jean & Len concerning lip care; Asos in trademark dispute with Anson’s; all-round trademark activity for Sonos and Authentic Brands, incl. administration; Media-Saturn in various IP proceedings (public knowledge); large generics manufacturer in color trademark dispute; Japanese computer games manufacturer regarding product launches.
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