Comment: One of the leading firms in trademarks and unfair competition whose name itself is a mark of high-quality advice and a high degree of specialization. “They understand their business and are always very fair opponents,” praised one competitor. Alongside long-time, high-profile client connections, e.g. Jack Wolfskin and Intersnack, this level of renown and the partners’ involvement in specialist networks regularly give rise to new work, most recently from the energy and furniture sectors. HU traditionally litigates for branded companies and large commercial enterprises to an equal degree. As well as a formal trademarks practice, which delivers a steady stream of work, HU has well established litigation experts in its ranks in the shape of Kaase, Lampel and increasingly Heidenreich.
Strengths: Extensive formal trademarks practice. Litigation and advice to the trade, media, ?food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics sectors ( ?pharmaceuticals and healthcare).
Development potential: Like Lorenz Seidler Gossel in Munich, HU is holding its ground at the top of the market with its boutique concept. Its reputation as a traditional firm has many advantages, but other firms like Fieldfisher or SKW are addressing clients’ changing needs in Industry 4.0 more. HU is, however, energetically pursuing its own digitalization and bolstered data protection with an associate from JBB.
Recommended: Rainer Kaase (“excellent in trademarks”, competitor), Dr. Matthias Wolter (“distinguished expert for unfair competition, strategically skilled, very good litigator”, client; “very experienced and collegial”, competitor), Dr. Karin Sandberg (“one of the best trademark lawyers”, “solution-oriented”, competitors), Dr. Martin Kefferpütz (“very respectable, objective and knowledgeable”, “target-driven and preeminent expertise in trademarks”, competitors), Dr. Christoph Schumann (“highly experienced, competent and extremely fair”, competitor), Till Lampel (“good litigator”, “very fair and good trademark lawyer”, competitors), Dr. John-Christian Plate, Dr. Jan Heidenreich (“tough but always fair opponent who knows how to negotiate fervently”, “commercially sensible solutions”, “confident and objective in court”, competitors).
Practice: Focus on IP (incl. ?patents), unfair competition (incl. pharma advertising law), antitrust and copyrights as well as related fields such as ?distribution. Extensive formal trademarks practice. Alongside litigation, also sector-specific advisory activity. (10 partners, 2 counsel, 8 associates)
Clients: ?? Trademark administration for Rausch Chocolade and Linde Material Handling/Still; trademark litigation for Real Express/MIP Metro concerning “real”; trademark infringement litigation for Citroen; all-round IP activity for Contemporary Drinks regarding product launch; Ipuri in various proceedings; trademark litigation for Adler Modemärkte regarding “Blumarine”/“Marine Bleu”; Lidl on trademarks and unfair competition (public knowledge); all-round IP activity for Jack Wolfskin; ongoing activity for Intersnack, Stada, Sky Deutschland.
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