Comment: Alongside traditional activity in the trade sector, this firm, which is recommended in unfair competition, is now active in the auto sector as well. A partner litigated for Peugeot in proceedings involving information requirements. W&S has its roots firmly in unfair competition, but is broadening its trademark work: one partner is active for a range of clients from the fashion sector, often regarding design protection and protection against imitation. The IP boutique can also be banked on in formal trademark law, e.g. it took on the trademark portfolio for German commercial enterprise Olsen Germany.
Strengths: Litigation for the trade, auto and furniture sectors.
Recommended: Hans Prange, Dr. Lambert Pechan (“very good feel for the law and sound judgement”, competitor).
Practice: Activities focus on unfair competition, also trademarks (incl. portfolio management), as well as media, antitrust and employment law. Advice to advertising-intensive companies and agencies on major advertising campaigns. (3 equity partners, 2 salary partners, 1 associate, 1 of counsel)
Clients: ?? Litigation for Peugeot concerning information requirements; Walter Knoll on design and trademark protection; trademark portfolio activity for Olsen Germany.
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