Comment: Still at the top of its game, this leading pharma practice is one of the very few teams to be regularly involved in both the industry’s complex transactions and major precedent proceedings. Recent highlights included advice to the SCA Group on the acquisition of BSN Medical and to Fresenius on acquiring a business division from Merck. In both transactions, the regulatory expertise demonstrated by the German pharma practice proved to be an essential driving force. Moreover, Clifford represented client GSK in Superior State Social Court proceedings on the formation of mixed prices. The team is also kept extremely busy through the constantly high need for advice to pharma companies on the new anticorruption law – highly respected lawyers Dieners and Reese can perfectly pool together their profound expertise in compliance, pharma advertising and criminal law here. The highly active duo is now accorded even more weight than in the past following the departure of an entire team of lawyers with industry experience and regulatory expertise the previous year. However, the practice gave itself a boost by not only hiring associates but also appointing a partner internally: Dr. Gunnar Sachs does not focus exclusively on the pharma industry but in part on demarcation issues alongside strategic M&A advice in the healthcare, chemistry and consumer goods industries.
Strengths: Pharma advertising, ?compliance, transactions ( ?M&A, ?private equity and venture capital) and advice to manufacturers of medical products.
Recommended: Dr. Peter Dieners (“king of healthcare compliance”, client; “brilliant expertise”, competitor), Dr. Ulrich Reese (“outstanding”, client; “profound knowledge of pharma advertising”, competitor), Dr. Claudia Nawroth.
Practice: Emphasis on pharma advertising and medical product law, business compliance and R&D contracts. Also demarcation issues. Strong European healthcare group. Comprehensive advice in M&A, ?antitrust, ?public procurement and hospital law. Also ?product liability. Clients: mostly major players, research industry and associations, fewer biotech companies. (Core team: 5 partners, 4 counsel, 9 associates)
Clients: ?? Fresenius on acquisition of biosimilars division from Merck; Acino on sale of plaster portfolio to Luye; all-round advice to Bayer on pharma advertising, product launches and public procurement; all-round advice to Pfizer on transactions, regulatory and IT/data protection; Medtronic on regulatory, tenders and product liability.
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