Comment: This recommended practice tends to feature in advice to health insurance companies, repeatedly breaking new ground at their side, esp. in tenders. Buchner enjoys an excellent reputation for his industry knowledge, which he regularly displays, e.g. in hospital financing. The team is involved in numerous landmark decisions and advised in the lengthy dispute involving Yes Pharmaceutical Development concerning the secondary authorization for clopidogrel. Besides this, the firm often assists in transactions in the industry. The public procurement lawyers frequently put their ability to the test when assisting health insurance companies in a number of different matters, esp. in calls for tender for discount contracts, an area closely followed in the market, and the subsequent proceedings.
Strengths: Wealth of experience in the health insurance sector, ?patent proceedings and tenders for health insurers ( ?public procurement).
Recommended: Dr. Reimar Buchner (“in-depth expertise”, competitor), Dr. Andreas Neun (“confident and competent, clear, strategic approach”, client) (public procurement).
Practice: Patent law, pharma advertising and ?trademarks and unfair competition, strong interfaces with ?public procurement and ?antitrust. Also ?M&A. Advice to biotech companies on market launches and clinical trials. Also approval issues, regulatory aspects, advice to manufacturers of medical products. (7 equity partners, 1 salary partner, 3 counsel, 9 associates, 1 of counsel)
Clients: ?? Boehringer Ingelheim on cooperation with ViraTherapeutics; Yes Pharmaceutical Development on secondary authorization for clopidogrel; AOK Baden-Württemberg on designing diabetes care model and in tenders, also on discount agreements for generic and patent-protected drugs; arbitration board against Astellas regarding refund amount for mirabegron.
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