Comment: This highly recommended Hamburg IP boutique continues to frequently represent major pharma clients in pharma advertising proceedings. Much of the firm’s capacity here is dedicated to litigation for regular clients GSK and Bayer; at present the firm is also defending the vaccine division of GSK in the latest surge in litigation against two other major manufacturers. The practice is a regular go-to advisor for precedent proceedings, successfully contending an economically significant decision on behalf of Beiersdorf concerning a product recall due to unauthorized advertising on the packaging. The judgment, in this case involving a cosmetic, highlights the great significance still attached to the firm’s internal interfaces, which are often drawn on in order to advise its clients on interdisciplinary topics from a single source.
Strengths: Pharma proceedings regarding advertising and Social Security Code (fifth book), ?patents, ?trademarks and unfair competition.
Recommended: Dr. Dirk Bruhn (“excellent lawyer for unfair competition”, competitor), Dr. Lars Kröner (“very strong in litigation”, competitor), Dr. Rolf Schultz-Süchting.
Practice: Mainly litigation focusing on unfair competition, pharma advertising, patents and trademarks. Also licensing proceedings, Social Security Code (fifth book) and product liability. Clients: mainly pharma corporates, some manufacturers of medical products. (2 partners, 1 counsel, 1 associate, 1 of counsel)
Clients: ?? GSK in pharma advertising proceedings, incl. on vaccine advertising (public knowledge); Novartis in pharma advertising proceedings concerning oncological preparations and on the sale of individual Lucentis doses; Beiersdorf on demarcation between pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and medical products and in unfair competition proceedings regarding sunscreen, esp. on product recall (public knowledge); Bayer on market access and reimbursement and in pharma advertising litigation; regulatory and pharma advertising advice to ALK.
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