Comment: Specializing purely in pharma law, this Bonn boutique continues to be a significant mainstay among the leading firms. Competitors recognize the fact that the firm is a market leader in terms of licensing. Besides the untouched position in advice on the AMNOG, which it shares with only a handful of other firms, Sträter enjoys a good reputation for its advice on clinical trials. Alongside the firm’s three highly renowned partners in this market, a younger lawyer is also being drawn on more often in instructions involving the reimbursement of costs associated with early benefit assessments.
Strengths: Extensive expertise in authorization, AMNOG and at the interface with physicians’ law.
Development potential: It is important that the firm starts shining the spotlight on its younger lawyers, as its highest ranks are set to undergo a generation change in the next few years. This could provide an opportunity for Sträter to position itself more broadly in terms of personnel. The boutique’s overall positive development, esp. considering the ongoing steady gain in clients and the expansion of existing client relations, offers room to maneuver here.
Recommended: Prof. Burkhard Sträter, (“brilliant expertise”, competitor), Claus Burgardt (“in high demand among clients, and deservedly so”, competitor), Markus Ambrosius (“very impressive and comprehensive knowledge of the regulatory field while maintaining a good insight into the European Medicines Agency”, client).
Practice: Exclusively active in medical law, esp. support in product development, often as a link between the research, development and marketing departments, as well as early clarification of eligibility for reimbursement. High proportion of advice on problems concerning European law and litigation in licensing proceedings, defense against generic products, public procurement and IP. Overlaps with physicians’, pharmacists’ and hospital law. Clients: original manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and medical products. (3 equity partners, 5 salary partners, 2 associates)
Clients: ? Research company against startup in ICC arbitration proceedings on canceled research cooperation and damages; pharmacy on supply agreement and reappraisal concerning cytostatic agents; pharma company on compliance, esp. anticorruption law and patient-support program; startup on clinical trial, esp. claims for damages against drug manufacturer; pharma manufacturer against statutory health insurer concerning duty of disclosure in the case of cytostatics prices (Federal Social Court).
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