Comment: This leading firm in corporate rescue, which is highly recommended in insolvency administration, boasts nationwide expertise in crisis-ridden sectors, e.g. healthcare, fashion and retail. The large team frequently makes the right call when weighing up administrator opportunities and requests for advice, which is sometimes viewed with suspicion by rivals. As well as what would usually be expected of Görg – e.g. advice to Solarworld/insolvency administrator Piepenburg in an acute crisis situation – the firm has a wide portfolio of insolvency clients. The operational role for KTG Energie, a division of KTG Agrar, was an impressive exertion of strength for the north German team. In Hamburg, Bremen and Berlin alone, Görg’s capacities are greater than those of many competitors, coupled with a sustainable age structure overall.
Strengths: Cooperation between insolvency administration and advice; crisis advice to company directors.
Recommended: Dr. Helmut Balthasar, Dr. Thorsten Bieg (“leads a strong team with equally strong growth efforts”, competitor), Hans-Gerd Jauch, Dr. Christian Bärenz, Dr. Jörg Nerlich, Dr. Michael Nienerza, Dr. Carsten Müller-Seils, Dr. Martin Stockhausen, Dr. Christian Becker, Dr. Jörg Bornheimer, Dr. Gerrit Hölzle (“outstanding expertise”, competitor).
Practice: Extensive advice to companies, shareholders, managers on insolvency issues. Advice also to external insolvency administrators. Creditors and investors/investment companies. Active in insolvency ?employment. Takeover of operational functions in companies and regular trustee work. Insolvency administration/trusteeships mostly in Nordrhein-Westfalen and north Germany on the interface with ?corporate, ?M&A and ?litigation. Pool administration in separate company. (43 equity partners, 7 salary partners, 6 counsel, 25 associates)
Clients: ?? Heta creditor pool on final negotiation of claims; KTG Energie (KTG Agrar) on restructuring in operational role (CRO) and insolvency plan; Steilmann Group/insolvency administrator (Kebekus) on insolvency law, capital markets and sales. Insolvency administration: Butlers Group. Trustee: SinnLeffers.
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