Comment: This firm highly recommended for corporate rescue and recommended for insolvency administration pressed ahead with the sustainable growth it is known for: the Munich office gained weight with two partner appointments, bolstering the interface between civil law restructuring and ?criminal law. One prominent case in this context was the defense of Schlecker family members in criminal proceedings. Although many insolvency firms conduct litigation, this criminal law expertise is a USP. GB knows the auto supply industry like few others and has played a number of roles for years, incl. corporate rescue advice with or without trusteeship, insolvency administration and now also CRO. The frequent proposals for trustee roles, now from across Germany, demonstrate the firm’s high regard, even outside of this sector.
Strengths: Corporate rescue in the Mittelstand; insolvency administration focusing on continuation, even in complex cases.
Recommended: Dr. Thilo Schultze (“excellent, internationally experienced”, competitor), Dr. Volker Muschalle (“renowned specialist”, competitor), Dr. Hans Schenk, Martin Mucha, Dr. Wolfgang Bilgery.
Practice: Restructuring and crisis advice, mainly to the Mittelstand. Also on a national level for large companies; on the creditor side for credit institutes and international real estate service providers. Much trustee work. Extensive support to the Grub Brugger insolvency administrators: court appointments throughout Baden-Württemberg; specialist employment lawyers and litigators. (14 equity partners, 3 salary partners, 15 associates)
Clients: ?? MWS Group in insolvency protection proceedings; Strenesse insolvency administrator (Nerlich/Görg) on sale; Hoeckle Group on self-administration (CRO). Trustee: Automotive Group Kontec (Ludwigshafen). Insolvency administration: Süddeutsche Aktienbank (Stuttgart).
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