Comment: This large firm comes highly recommended in insolvency administration and corporate rescue and is appointed with similar frequency to hww. If S&B succeeds in handling small proceedings, with questionable profitability, without deficits, it could position itself firmly at the top of the statistics. S&B also boasts a number of fee earners who are known as excellent advisors. The Bremen, Stuttgart and Nuremberg offices stand out; Berlin was repositioned with new hires. The quantity of proceedings and its expertise make S&B relatively immune to the changes in the market, esp. as its lawyers are seen as good team-workers who have no problem working with other firms. Internal cooperation was simplified by an extensive digitalization of case processing.
Strengths: Experienced in insolvencies of all sizes; insolvency-related employment.
Recommended: Andreas Elsäßer (“highly experienced in business continuation”, competitor), Dr. Holger Leichtle (“competent team player”, competitor), Detlef Specovius (“sound knowledge of self-administration”, competitor), Dr. Rainer Riggert, Frank Tschentscher, Holger Blümle, Volker Böhm, Dietmar Haffa.
Practice: Extensive advice to banks, credit insurers and suppliers on insolvency (pools, collateral management) as well as companies. Financial corporate rescue with accountants/tax advisors (22 fee earners), also employment and litigation; takeover of operational functions in companies, asset tracing and fraud investigation; international branch in France and London. Trusteeships. 35 insolvency administrators nationwide, focus on Baden-Württemberg, Bremen and Niedersachsen. (36 partners, 79 associates in overall firm)
Clients: ?? Supplier pools in the insolvencies of Steilmann, KTG Agrar, Hock Group. Insolvency administration: Erich Rohde Schuhe (Marburg). Trustee: Wöhrl-Modehäuser (Nuremberg).
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