Comment: Given its high internal profitability targets, this firm recommended for restructuring is not seen every year as a strong player in the national corporate rescue scene. But this year was different, with cases like Bartec and ATU. With its tough, confrontational representation of interests for challenging clients, esp. from the funds sector, WGM does not find much favor in the scene. But Germany is not necessarily the central stage for the globally active restructuring practice, which sets the pace in restructuring with its US reputation and cross-border know-how. In the insolvency of Japanese-American nuclear company Westinghouse, WGM took on the global corporate rescue activities.
Recommended: Dr. Uwe Hartmann, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schmidt.
Practice: Advice to international ?PE investors, hedge funds and banks; litigation for borrowers. Defense against legal challenges and liability claims. Close links to the international practice (US, France, UK); ?M&A; trustee. (4 partners, 12 associates)
Clients: ?? Centerbridge, Goldman Sachs and Caspian on restructuring ATU; Charterhouse on restructuring Bartec shareholding; Westinghouse on US insolvency (Chapter 11) and global corporate rescue issues.
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