Comment: This highly recommended tax practice focusing on the Mittelstand is one of the most enterprising firms in the market. Rödl now shifted its attention to international aspects, which was reflected in the growing headcount: Stuttgart welcomed two salary partners, Diana Fischer (from Warth &Klein), who is responsible for international tax at the office, and transfer pricing specialist Heiko Preisser, who came from engineering company Voith to establish a team in southwest Germany to advise internationally active family businesses. The German practice advised dairy corporate Ehrmann, previously only a US client, which speaks for the success of this strategy.
Strengths: Integrated legal and tax/accounting advice, global setup, much experience in the Mittelstand.
Recommended: Prof. Dr. Christian Rödl, Dr. Hans Weggenmann, Dr. Heidi Friedrich-Vache.
Practice: All-round tax activity. Tax advice includes declarations and annual accounts; the legal practice offers restructuring/structuring advice, frequently with an international element, esp. for Mittelstand owner-managed companies, and integrated ?company succession advice, ?M&A, PE and real estate transactions as well as structuring closed-end funds, financial proceedings and tax investigations (transfer pricing, international tax law), voluntary declaration advice (with tax criminal law). (30 equity partners, 31 salary partners, 50 associates, 3 of counsel)
Clients: ?? Accor Hotels on acquisition of 25 Hours Hotels; Bilfinger on international expansion; Deutsche Rentenversicherung Nordbayern on sales tax; Ehrmann on sales tax regarding restructuring with an international element; Leica on transfer price structuring of distribution in Asia.
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