Comment: Once somewhat ridiculed by other defense lawyers for his advisory concept on the interface between civil and criminal law, this solo practitioner recommended for white collar crime had the right instincts and struck a chord with the market. His many years of interface activity and strong international ties paid off with a series of dividend stripping (“cum-ex”) instructions. Risk advice and thus ?compliance-oriented work also demonstrate his excellent position in the international banking scene.
Strengths: Extensive experience in (international) criminal law risk management.
Recommended: Dr. Kai Hart-Hönig (“clever tactician with a good view of the big picture”, “excellently connected”, competitors).
Practice: Prevention and management of criminal law and antitrust risks, esp. in an international context, asset recovery and compliance advice. Also defense. (1 partner, 2 associates)
Clients: ?? Maple Bank defendant; risk advice to company regarding diesel affair; company in the Gulf region on dividend stripping (“cum-ex”) deals in the EU and money laundering in Germany, incl. preservation of evidence in other European countries; German subsidiary of European bank and major international bank on dividend stripping (“cum-ex”); German subsidiary of US bank on tax risks.
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