Comment: This firm recommended in white collar crime returned to its core strengths and defended individuals on a large scale. But K&K has not turned its back on compliance, with advice in a series of internal investigations, partnering with other specialists as required. Hardly any other criminal law firm boasts so many years of experience in compliance. K&K is likely to profit from the fact that midsized companies are opting for smaller legal teams for such work. The overall concept’s success was reflected in several salary partner appointments.
Recommended: Thomas Knierim (“great understanding of company structures”, competitor), increasingly: Björn Krug (“highly competent, also good for compliance matters”, competitor on both).
Practice: Accounting offenses and corruption, tax, customs and offenses in the banking sector. ?Compliance advice. Accountants’ liability. (2 equity partners, 2 salary partners, 3 associates, 1 of counsel)
Clients: ?? Maple Bank as defendant concerning dividend stripping (“cum-ex”) deals; global engineering company on reviewing control system; managing director of Cypriot consulting firm and German bank employee on sales tax carousel fraud; renewable energy company on internal investigation; investment company shareholder on insider trading.
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