Comment: This firm is confidently standing its ground as one of the leading names in white collar crime and a recommended player in tax criminal law. The breadth of specialization is an asset, covering antitrust and medical aspects, sales tax carousel fraud and dividend stripping (“cum-ex”) trades. W&P boasts experience and its own IT tools on the interface with compliance. Younger partners are pushing to the fore, e.g. Dann, who is increasingly renowned across Germany for medical criminal law. The firm is also carving out a position in IT criminal law.
Recommended: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Wessing (“luminary in criminal law”, client), Dr. Heiko Ahlbrecht (“excellent network, foresight and able to back down if necessary”, client), Dr. Matthias Dann.
Practice: Accounting criminal law, investment fraud, money laundering with international elements. Also foreign trade law, medical criminal law, corruption, antitrust and tax proceedings. Clients: large companies from the Rhein-Ruhr region, major banks and medical technology companies (on compliance). (4 equity partners, 4 salary partners, 7 associates, 1 of counsel)
Clients: ? Auto industry company on emissions affair; fund trader on dividend stripping (“cum-ex”) deals; hospital association on billing fraud; preventive compliance advice to various hospitals; physician on nursing fraud; witness support for employee of German bank in tax proceedings.
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