Comment: A recommended Ruhr Valley firm hailing from Duisburg that assists its clients in commercial and corporate law as well as in tax matters. In order to provide comprehensive advice on tax and tax-related topics such as inheritance and charity law, the vast majority of the firm’s lawyers are also qualified tax advisors and accountants. PKF advises both the Mittelstand and the public sector and is constantly expanding into other legal fields for its clients such as IT, contract and data protection law. The fact that the firm has two younger partners among its ranks who specialize in employment and insolvency but do not hold a double qualification shows that PKF is increasingly edging into advisory areas that do not demand multiple qualifications.
Strengths: Tax structuring advice, business management know-how.
Practice: Focus on all-round ?tax-driven structuring advice (company succession, restructuring, company acquisitions and sales). The startup and structuring of charities. Expert opinions in shareholder disputes, squeeze-outs, and arbitration on the interface of corporate/valuation. Compliance, energy and employment. Also insolvency. Clients: high-end Mittelstand and larger companies from trade, tourism, banks, trusts and the public sector. (5 partners, some of whom are also accountants/tax advisors, 14 associates, 4 of counsel)
Clients: ?? S-S Kurierdienst on insolvency administration.
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