Comment: A respected pharma practice that upholds its position in the market and is still busy representing its clients in pharma advertising litigation. These often Mittelstand companies have maintained relationships with the team headed by Böhm for many years now and regularly call on its advice in distribution agreements. Last year, regular client Acino also turned to the practice with regard to a deal. The practice otherwise gives a lot of advice on compliance and anticorruption, and has a good setup at the interface with data protection law thanks to its link to the Berlin team built up around IT/IP specialist Brandi-Dohrn.
Strengths: Pharma advertising litigation.
Recommended: Dr. Claudia Böhm (“fierce approach and first-class expertise”, competitor), Dr. Anselm Brandi-Dohrn (IT, public procurement).
Practice: All-round advice with a clear focus on pharma law as well as pharma advertising, IP and compliance. ?IT and data protection. Also public procurement. Clients: primarily Mittelstand research-based and generic drug manufacturers, manufacturers of medical products, biotech companies, also wholesalers. (5 partners, 2 associates)
Clients: ?? Acino on purchase of Estonian business premises from Takeda Pharma besides distribution, licensing and R&D agreements; Medithek esp. on pharma advertising, distribution and compliance following changes in the contrast medium market; all-round pharma advertising and contract advice to Sanofi Pasteur besides ongoing sponsoring advice; Sanochemia on contracts, pharma and trademark law; CellAct Pharma on cooperation agreements, clinical trials and pharma advertising; Leo Pharma on pharma advertising, contracts, product launch and compliance.
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