Comment: The pharma practice built up around Klappich is primarily respected for its expertise in product recalls and litigation. The team also looks after its regular clients in pharma advertising litigation and regulatory aspects connected to market entry. Furthermore, the firm is starting to provide regulatory advice in healthcare instructions handled by the ?corporate and ?tax lawyers – an example of integration that holds a lot of potential for the pharma practice. Having said this, other firms are undergoing much more dynamic development, also in terms of preparing the younger generations.
Strengths: Product liability, litigation. Expertise in industry-related tax law.
Recommended: Peter Klappich (“real specialist in pharmaceutical and medical product law”, client).
Practice: Broad spectrum covering the research phase, licensing and market launch of a drug (incl. advertising and distribution issues). Litigation against public authorities and competitors. Also business compliance and medical liability. Clients: exclusively originators. (Core team: 1 equity partner, 1 salary partner, 1 associate)
Clients: ? Pharma company in proceedings concerning pharma licenses; medical product manufacturer on demarcation issues; medical product manufacturer on product liability claims; pharma company in VAT claim concerning discount payments to private health insurer.
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