Comment: This recommended corporate practice has different specialties at different offices. In Düsseldorf, the partner Burghardt-Richter, who is well versed in stock corporation law, advises Mittelstand companies on restructuring and liability. The team profits from increasing integration with the financing practice and is currently providing interdisciplinary advice to a bank on transaction financing, for example. In Frankfurt, corporate work is more often influenced by the proximity of the respected real estate practice. Advice to startups has seen positive development, as some younger partners are growing in profile and taking on more responsibility here.
Strengths: Stock corporation law.
Recommended: Dr. Georg-Peter Kränzlin, Ingrid Burghardt-Richter (“experienced and perfect knowledge”, competitor), Prof. Dr. Stefan Reinhart, Dr. Heiko Giermann.
Practice: Traditionally broad client base; very strong pillar in real estate, esp. Frankfurt. In Düsseldorf, focus on family companies and increasingly startups. (10 equity partners, 4 salary partners, 6 associates, 2 of counsel)
Clients: ?? Blufixx on restructuring; Scholpp Montage on merger with subsidiaries and restructuring; ongoing advice to Axxiome, Betafence Deutschland, Carl Herholz.
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