Comment: This highly recommended corporate practice maintains very good contacts to family offices (e.g. the Reimann family) that require advice on corporate governance. The team also handled cross-border mergers, where Gesell was often at the forefront: he advised one of the world’s biggest pharma companies on merging the German-Austrian subsidiaries. O&P increasingly advises listed companies; an interdisciplinary team consisting of corporate and tax lawyers advised the pump manufacturer KSB on a change of corporate form.
Strengths: Long-standing reputation in stock corporation law (incl. litigation) and advice to foreign investors.
Recommended: Dr. Dr. Georg Maier-Reimer, Dr. Harald Gesell, Rolf Koerfer, Dr. Günter Seulen, Myriam Schilling, Dr. Peter Etzbach, Alf Baars.
Practice: Corporate restructuring and changes of corporate form (esp. cross-border). Stock corporation law, corporate litigation and arbitration. Close integration with ?tax. Also ?compliance and corporate governance. Clients: predominantly international companies, family offices, major German industry, Mittelstand companies and institutional shareholders. (15 equity partners, 3 salary partners, 5 associates)
Clients: ?? KSB on change of legal form; Ford on extending CTA structures; Zurich Deutscher Herold on cooperation with asset management company; pharma company on cross-border merger; ongoing advice to JAB Holding.
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