Comment: This recommended, Munich-based boutique has a stricter focus than most on disputes and regularly appears in proceedings where the stakes are extremely high. The firm is active in post-M&A proceedings, while Wach also comes recommended for his work in banking litigation. Instructions often emerge via major firms who recommend the outfit if they have a conflict of interests. This rings true e.g. in D&O matters, where all the partners tend to accompany affected decision-making bodies. Work for foreign clients has increased, highlighting the firm’s strong ties to partner firms, in particular in the UK. Meckes for instance is advising a British litigation funder on prospectus liability for a globally active financial institution.
Recommended: Dr. Karl Wach (“experienced litigator, esp. for lawyer liability and post-M&A”, competitor; “always well prepared as arbitrator”, “a bulldog, to be taken seriously”, competitors), Frank Meckes (“highly experienced and pleasant”, competitor), Tom Petsch (“thorough and perceptive”, competitor).
Practice: Focus on post-M&A disputes and corporate, banking and capital markets, advisory and D&O liability as well as damages related to antitrust. Preventive advice as well as litigation and arbitration, incl. arbitrator activity. (3 equity partners, 5 associates)
Clients: ?? Former Porsche chairman Wiedeking in defense against D&O liability concerning planned takeover of VW (public knowledge); advertising agency against industrial company on termination of long-term supply agreement (ICC); English management company on claims arising from convertible bond linked to an industrial company; former HRE decision-making body in proceedings under the Investor Model Proceedings Act due to alleged violation of ad hoc disclosure obligations.
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