Comment: This respected corporate practice was involved in a large number of cross-border restructurings. The condition for this was the closer cooperation with the tax division, which meant the latter allowing KPMG lawyers to be at the forefront of the legal work. The two other main planks of the practice are ongoing Mittelstand advice, once again incl. a high proportion of optimization of structures, but also – unseen by most competitors – a degree of board access which had previously been off limits. The key has been the strong firm-wide practice in remuneration advice to executive and supervisory boards. It is only a beginning, but still a significant foot in the door.
Strengths: Cross-border restructuring.
Recommended: Maximilian Gröning, Dr. Nikolaus Manthey, Dr. Matthias Aldejohann, Dr. Stefan Suchan.
Practice: Cooperation with KPMG accountants on large (often tax-driven) cross-border restructuring; independent work, esp. for the German Mittelstand. Advice to executive boards on remuneration. (Corporate in total: 8 equity partners, 15 salary partners, 35 associates)
Clients: ?? Bonava Holding on cross-border change of legal form for NCC Property Development; DSR on cross-border relocation of headquarters from Luxembourg to Germany; Düker on extensive restructuring of various venture capital companies; Fusheng Group on restructuring of part of German concern; Hermetic-Pumpen on restructuring in 5 countries.
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