Esche Schümann Commichau

Comment: The litigation team around Dr. Andreas von Criegern and Dr. Philipp Engelhoven specializes in commercial and distribution disputes and is predominantly active for regular clients stemming from the firm’s corporate advice. The internal investigation concerning a corruption scandal at the German subsidiary of Danish marine coating manufacturer Hempel recently kept the practice on its toes. This case also involved employment lawyers and auditors. The close collaboration with the auditing arm is also key when it comes to calculating cartel damages, where Esche is now active for several aggrieved parties from the truck cartel. Another growth field is the representation of managers in D&O liability cases. (3 partners, 4 associates)
Clients: ?? Hempel Deutschland on internal investigation regarding corruption allegations; German government regarding Hermes securities; ongoing advice, e.g. on distribution disputes: FAZ, Körber, Capol.
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