Weissleder Ewer

Comment: A respected firm in environmental and planning law with excellent ties among public authorities. Name partner Ewer nurtures nationwide connections in state governments across all parties, which is why he is often seen in proceedings before the highest state and federal courts, e.g. in connection with the Elbe River deepening and Moorburg power plant. Work in residential construction ensured a basic utilization rate for the public law practice; WE excels here with its expertise in public construction law.
Development potential: Although the public law team does have some young lawyers, only Ewer shapes the firm’s market image. Involving the next generation more in major instructions would help to change this, also with an eye on a medium-term generation change.
Recommended: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ewer (“public law veteran”, “professionally and strategically superb”, competitors).
Practice: Public construction (infrastructure and retail projects), nuclear energy and environmental law (conservation law, environmental liabilities, waste disposal) as well as constitutional law. Clients primarily from the public sector (very good political contacts), but also companies. (4 partners, 4 associates)
Clients: ?? German federal government before Federal Constitutional Court (Bundesverfassungsgericht) regarding Elbe River deepening and Moorburg power plant; defense against nuclear energy suits by network operators for states of Schleswig-Holstein and Baden-Württemberg; several real estate companies on construction planning law regarding boarding houses and refugee accommodation.
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