Comment: A respected real estate practice with an impressively broad setup. High-volume deals, some for new clients, and successful cooperation with the ?construction and ?public procurement practice resulted in stronger visibility. HKLW was active in high-profile transactions like the sale of the “Max und Merle” portfolio, the acquisition of the “Alpha- und Beta” portfolios and the acquisition of three commercial buildings at Leipziger Platz. In Stuttgart, the firm helped Allianz consolidate its sites in project development work. Notable new clients, e.g. Corpus Sireo and Domicil, for whom HKLW acquired residential real estate portfolios with a Luxembourgian structure, raised the firm’s visibility and illustrated its close cooperation with foreign firms. Besides deals, there was more project development work in the housing sector. The arrival of Wolfgang Stürzer in Munich (from HFK), who joined as equity partner, underlines the firm’s positive development.
Strengths: Transaction management ( ?M&A).
Practice: Transactions, project development, asset management. Supported by ?public procurement and ?construction, good ties to the ?corporate practice. (18 equity partners, 4 salary partners, 11 associates, incl. construction)
Clients: ?? Corpus Sireo on acquisition and rental of Zurich Versicherung headquarters; Dereco (family office) on JVs; Allianz Real Estate on consolidating sites and various project developments; Cofely Deutschland and Ed. Züblin on contract negotiations; Domicil on acquisition of Alpha and Beta portfolios.
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