Comment: A structured finance practice respected particularly for its in-depth knowledge of derivatives. Recently, it was able to position itself in advice on contracts for difference; alongside the CFD Verband, Commerzbank also relied on the team around the busy Wegerich on this topic. Beyond that, the firm stepped up its connections to Société Générale, which also called on the firm for the creation of various base products for structured securities.
Development potential: The debt practice caters more and more to bond restructuring, also assisting in several cases on the issuing of low-volume bonds. In order to increase its market share here for the long term, it needs to use the experience it has now gathered to position itself as an advisor on somewhat larger transactions as well.
Recommended: Ingo Wegerich.
Practice: Advice on issuing securitized derivatives and structured products (prospectuses, drawdowns, documentation). Bonds to a lesser degree. Focus on the Mittelstand. (1 partner, 4 associates)
Clients: ?? Société Générale on base prospectuses for structured securities as well as ongoing advice on securitized derivatives and structured products in Germany and Austria; ongoing advice to Commerzbank on CFDs; CFD Verband on planned CFD ban; Langenfeld public utilities on citizens’ bond; 1. FC Kaiserlautern soccer club on bond refinancing.
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