Comment: This respected Lübeck-based pharma boutique continues to give in-depth advice to pharma corporations, small pharmaceutical manufacturers and research institutes on regulatory and contract law matters associated with clinical trials. The name partner’s reputation for her extensive knowledge of the field remains unabated. However, the extremely well-connected boutique has grown beyond this specialty, having developed a second mainstay in medical product law. In terms of staff, the compact unit balanced out the departure of an associate to a client by winning over another associate who is primarily experienced in industry-specific compliance advice from another firm.
Strengths: Clinical trials.
Recommended: Dr. Heike Wachenhausen (“sensational”, competitor).
Practice: Focus on authorization and clinical trials. Also pharmacovigilance and regulatory advice, pharma advertising law, compliance and demarcation issues. Clients: mainly pharma research companies, manufacturers of medical products, biotech companies and contract research organizations (CROs). (2 partners, 1 associate)
Clients: ? Various pharma companies on clinical trials; medical product manufacturer on withdrawal of CE marking; startup and medical product manufacturer on compliance; medical product manufacturer on medical app; pharma company on cooperation agreement.
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