hww Hermann Wienberg Wilhelm

Comment: This firm highly recommended for insolvency administration and corporate rescue stands out for the entrepreneurial and strategic approach pursued by the leading partners. Hww tackled the problem that too many of the insolvency proceedings it is appointed for result in deficits, which puts its 2016 top spot in the German statistics for proceedings on shaky ground. The solution of only tolerating small proceedings as additional work among established administrators caused a stir internally and in the market. As a result, the team, which has grown through mergers over the years, shrank drastically from 120 lawyers and advisors at the end of 2014 to around half this figure. The remaining fee earners are set to focus on appointments in major proceedings and attractive advisory work. Hww largely eliminated its separation of administrators, lawyers and management consultants and relies on flexible, project-based teams.
Strengths: Insolvency administration frequently with business continuation and insolvency plans; operationally oriented advice.
Recommended: Rüdiger Wienberg, Ottmar Hermann, Dr. Gregor Bräuer (“excellent and assertive”, competitor), Dr. Stefan Weniger (hww management consultant).
Practice: Insolvency administration, experience in major proceedings, e.g. in the retail and manufacturing sectors. Operational corporate rescue advice to companies and creditors, advice to investors on acquisitions arising from insolvency. Insolvency plans; advice to external administrators. Network of international partner firms. (28 partners, 50 associates)
Clients: ?? Narva Lichtquellen on corporate rescue concept in self-administration (CRO); revenue and liquidity planning for insolvent KTG Agrar Group; Healthcare Robotik on insolvency prevention, restructuring and search for investors. Insolvency administration: G+H Marine (Hamburg). Trustee: Ruland hospitals (Karlsruhe).
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