Comment: This firm respected in construction is increasingly successful in advising clients through the whole life cycle of a real estate property. Because of this, companies are consulting it at an earlier stage of projects, as well as for strategic advice on planning and conception. This is also a result of the internal integration of real estate and construction lawyers. The approach has landed the firm new clients. Other practice groups, such as ?corporate law, which play an important role in setting up project companies, are also benefiting. In legal disputes, OK represents a number of long-term but also new clients in high-volume proceedings. Clients praise the firm’s “reasonable price-performance ratio” and “professional manner”.
Development potential: The closer integration of construction and real estate law has brought in more transaction revenue. This could be an impetus for connecting with investors. The strategy should be to stay the course, use the boom in project development to diversify the client portfolio, and expand the range of advice.
Recommended: Dr. Gary Klaft, Dr. René Runte, Dr. Hans-Gert Bovelett.
Practice: All-round advice on construction, esp. industrial plant construction. Works closely with real estate lawyers on project development. Architects’ and engineers’ law, esp. liability disputes for insurance companies. Also industrial rent law and transactions. (1 equity partner, 6 salary partners, 5 associates, incl. real estate law)
Clients: ?? 6B47 on project management and sale; Arge Clouth 104 on new construction of industrial complex; Strabag, Bilfinger Infrastructure in litigation; Hartmann Architekten on contract law and construction law for building projects; Bucher Bründler Architekten on public procurement and construction law for the WDR Filmhaus.
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