von Rohr

Comment: Thanks to steady personnel development and a loyal base of clients, this respected, pure patent attorney firm remains one of the foremost players for filing and litigation in west Germany. Von Rohr is esp. visible in the Ruhr Valley, but also has a good name among Düsseldorf’s lawyers for the litigation conducted by its patent attorneys. The team mainly litigates for German Mittelstand companies on the side of external lawyers. But above all von Rohr has a high profile for its filing practice in engineering, electrical engineering, chemicals and life sciences patents.
Strengths: Electronics patents, litigation.
Recommended: Hans von Rohr (patent attorney).
Practice: Focus on patent filing in chemicals, life sciences and (electrical) engineering, as well as litigation for Mittelstand companies from the Ruhr Valley. (Core team: 9 patent attorneys)
Clients: ?? Public knowledge: filing for Boehringer Ingelheim, ELG Carbon Fibre, Krüger, Pfleiderer.
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