Comment: This firm respected for insolvency administration and corporate rescue has moved away from its original focus on pure administration towards corporate rescue advice. The radical Homann restructuring was the most prominent advisory instruction, but the skilled administrators are also called in as corporate rescue advisors by many smaller companies. The firm was once again in the national top ten for court appointments. Competitors highlight the team’s “speed and respectability in business management aspects”, but also comment on the strong teamwork among young partners. Some in the market, however, doubt that the capacities are sufficient for the multitude of complex tasks.
Recommended: Dr. Dirk Andres.
Practice: Insolvency administration mainly in Nordrhein-Westfalen; broad experience in the manufacturing sector, incl. technology companies and auto suppliers. Advice to companies in crisis focusing on self-administration. Internal expertise in employment and corporate as well as litigation. (7 equity partners, 7 associates)
Clients: ?? Homann Feinkost on restructuring; ATB Schorch (ATB Group) on restructuring in self-administration; Weinbrecht & Kücherer and Phönix Hagen (basketball) on self-administration. Insolvency administration: Strauss Innovation (Düsseldorf).
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