Dr. Beck & Partner

Comment: This almost 20-year-old, leading insolvency administration firm is staying true to its strategy: the seven administrators and their team do not offer pre-insolvency advice. This restriction – atypical for many competitors today – is not losing the firm market share. On the contrary, the relevant courts and the proposing creditors’ committees obviously reward this setup. The regional focus on Bavarian courts also gives Beck scope to grow in smaller steps. In the view of advisors, Beck represents a consistently high level of quality and a strong focus on continuation – a firm which does not measure its success by remuneration alone, but by the sustainability of the corporate rescue solution.
Recommended: Joachim Exner, Dr. Hubert Ampferl.
Practice: Appointments at most of Bavaria’s insolvency courts, occasionally also Baden-Württemberg and Sachsen. Frequently the first choice for group insolvencies with international involvement. Litigation and employment practice, large business management department. (7 equity partners, 1 salary partner, 17 associates)
Insolvency administration: ?? Schäfer-Oesterle (Würzburg); Schmitt Werke Group (Schweinfurt); Zeiler Möbelwerk/Zeyko (Bamberg); Kübler + Niethammer Papierfabrik (Chemnitz). Trustee: René Lezard Mode (Würzburg).
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