Kebekus et Zimmermann

Comment: A leading firm for insolvency administration which held its ground in a shrinking market. The highlight of the year was Kebekus’ appointment as chief representative of the insolvent Air Berlin. But this should not overshadow the fact that the firm remains an administration boutique first and foremost: with Oschatz and Cinram, the name partner was assigned in two cases of administration each affecting more than 1,000 employees. The major new proceedings seamlessly carried on from last year, when the highly esteemed Kebekus was appointed for the year’s biggest proceedings – the Steilmann administration. On top of this were a series of midsized proceedings, which means that the firm in its current setup – with a regional restriction and small size – is far more profitable than the majority of competitors geared towards administration. But this is no guarantee for the future in terrain which, from the administrator perspective, is economically and politically uncertain.
Recommended: Dr. Frank Kebekus.
Practice: Appointments in Nordrhein-Westfalen, esp. Düsseldorf, Aachen and the Ruhr Valley (four administrators). The firm offers employment and international insolvency law advice. Extrajudicial corporate rescue advice, also in an operational role for companies. (2 equity partners, 9 associates)
Insolvency administration: ?? Oschatz (Essen); Cinram (previously trusteeship; Aachen); MS Mode (Essen); Günther & Lochte (Düsseldorf). Trustee: AZ Ausrüstung und Zubehör (Essen).
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