Comment: This firm respected in insolvency administration has been affected more by the slump in large proceedings than other major competitors and rarely stepped up to bat in the kind of proceedings dominating the market – self-administration. The fruits of the once-nationwide visibility were apparently so meager that a whole host of departures and office closures were announced in the summer. With the departure of Dr. Franz-Ludwig Danko, one of just four managing partners, Kübler lost a renowned insolvency and employment lawyer and its presence in Hessen, as Thomas Rittmeister left at the same time to launch in Frankfurt for Reimer. Like Danko, Hamburg partner Dominik Montag went to smaller firm Römermann. Whether or not this shrinking will work as a strategic adjustment remains to be seen. The remaining administrators are acting as advisors more often, for both borrowers and lenders. Kübler’s well-known experience in criminal insolvencies is growing, esp. with regard to the major, now four-year-old Infinus/Future Business insolvency, in which fundamental questions regarding the remuneration claims of a joint representative under the Bond Act were clarified by the highest court.
Recommended: Dr. Bruno Kübler.
Practice: Insolvency administration, mainly in Brandenburg, Sachsen and Nordrhein-Westfalen. Corporate rescue advice in various roles. Insolvency-related specialty in employment and litigation. Business continuations, also in major proceedings, as well as insolvency plans. (3 equity partners, 30 salary partners, 1 of counsel)
Insolvency administration: ?? Medikum MVZ (Kassel); Autohaus Markwardt (Potsdam); Clean Diesel Ceramics (Dresden). Trustee: Spezialguss Wetzlar. Advice: Bean & Beluga Gastronomie on self-administration.
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